doug meyer



As a line producer and agency producer, my background is deep and varied in media production across many platforms: traditional live-action commercials, branded content, visual effects (CGI, motion control and compositing), music videos, documentaries, multi-camera live concerts/events, television, network promos, PSAs, and short films.

Projects I have produced span the
full spectrum of scale and budget and I embrace the challenges as they come. I am as comfortable with a small crew on a shoestring budget working out of a mini van, as I am with a continent-hopping multi-million dollar campaign.

I work closely with
directors and production companies to generate tight and polished creative treatments, estimate and generate bids from concept to delivery, and guide the bidding phase through the labyrinth of creative concerns and cost-control measures.

When it comes time to shoot, I manage and supervise all location scouting, casting, crew hiring, contract negotiations, scheduling, travel logistics, any union and/or guild negotiations, equipment and technology issues, payroll, and of course all agency and
client representations.

Past projects have taken me all over
the world and across the United States. I have worked with ad agencies large and small, global and regional. I am fluent in all phases of pre-production, production and post-production and can, if needed, follow through and supervise editorial to final delivery.

Always looking to establish new relationships,
I’d love to hear from you!

Doug Meyer - Producer.